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setting/ school/college Children’s Centres Voluntary organisations involved in health or social care./ schools/colleges, including for weight and height assessment and school immunisation; Early Childhood

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at home or at school. They may find it hard to concentrate and do their best at school because

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& Vaping Peer Pressure The move up to secondary school is often the first time that your child. school know – they may be able to tackle this as a school community. Are there other people in your

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during the week. School will provide nutritious meals but here are a few ideas for lunches at home

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a drink, to defrost over the morning, to help keep the lunch box cool at school.   Food Safety Free School Meals  All children in Year Reception, 1 and 2 will receive free school meals.  From Year 3, children whose parents or carers get one or more of the following may also be able claim free school. To apply for free school meals you will need to fill out a form, this will be available at your child's school.  For support you can contact the Free School Meals Team on 01603 222518, via Norfolk

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, school, your GP or call Just One Number to talk to a health professional if; You are worried about your

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wait until their child is about to start secondary school. You might want to consider: Does my child

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and tweezers! Find more on our family cooking pages. Younger Children School Age Children Learn new.. The Scouts have instructions on how to play.  School Age Children Older Children and Teens  Here

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from school or work. Healthy Teeth Habits Dental Check by One The 'Dental Check by One' campaign

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or scooter to the shop, park or school. Break up the time you are sitting - set a timer on your phone. School? Talk to your child about making better choices – it doesn’t have to be perfect. Try and work. you compromise on which days they buy school snacks and which days they take home snacks. Buying Snacks at School? Plan ahead as much as you can - write a meal list and try and stick to it. Start