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for pre-school children who stammer.   Advice For Younger Children Advice For Older Children

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School Age Immunisations

Support For Children Born During Lockdown Home > Support For Children Born During Lockdown

For School Communication Talking & Playing Everyday Toddler Talk Communication Quiz Speech

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 available Food Free School Meals All children in Year Reception, 1 and 2 will receive free school. be able claim free school meals; Universal Credit (provided the family has an annual net earned income. for Working Tax Credit Read more and apply for free school meals Free School Meals School Uniform Getting everything your child needs for school can be an added pressure when you are on a budget. if they have any hand me downs – school uniform is often grown out of before it is worn out! Local charity

Keeping Children Safe Home > Staying Safe > Staying Safe Around Others > Keeping Children Safe

and you are not cross with them Act to keep your child safe Seek advice – you can contact School. difficulty Have low self esteem Not attending school regularly Unlimited, unsupervised internet

Home Alone Home > Staying Safe > Staying Safe In The Home > Home Alone

the move to secondary school that parents decide whether their child is ready to be left home alone. until your child is ready. Look into local after school, or community sporting / creative clubs Look

Staying Safe At The Beach Home > Staying Safe > Staying Safe Outside > Staying Safe At The Beach

Children love to explore and go on adventures, so if you are going to the beach, its important to keep them safe.  Before you and your family head to the beach or off on holiday, it's a good idea to do some research. Look into which beaches have good family facilities and safety features. During the school holidays, and in particular in hot weather, increasing numbers of children put themselves at risk of drowning. On average 40-50 children drown per year in the UK, so its important

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. They want to gain status, and feel powerful. They’ve been excluded from school and don’t feel they have.; A rise in skipping school. Multiple mobile phones. Your child's friends may change suddenly. but there are reports of seven year olds being 'groomed' into county lines.  Primary school children are seen. can be groomed into county lines. However, those from poor households, who often  skip school. in positive after school/weekend activities.  Get to know their friends.  Always know where your

Parental Drug and Alcohol Misuse Home > Staying Safe > Staying Safe Around Others > Parental Drug and Alcohol Misuse

at home or at school. They may find it hard to concentrate and do their best at school because

Screening & Intervention Home > Speech & Language > Screening & Intervention

benefit from some activities at home or in their early years setting or school. You can contact Just. the Universally Speaking checklist. Once you have completed this, have a look at the School Age. to do next having looked at this, please contact Just One Number for advice. School Age Screening. development. Take a look at the Talk & Play section for some ideas. If your child is pre-school age.) Library Services - School Readiness Activities List B Bounce & Rhyme Hungry Little Minds Tiny