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First Day Back in School Book Click here to read a guide for preparing your child for starting school First Day Back Ideas Click below for some ideas of how best to prepare. Self Care Summer Primary Pack Self Care Summer Secondary Pack Back to School Primary A Barnado's booklet with hints, tips & activities for your child to try so they move back into school life feeling confident and calm. Back to School Secondary A Barnado's booklet with hints, tips & activities for your child to try so

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If your child is feeling worried about going to school, or you are struggling. to their school so they are able to help you both.  Tips To Reduce Anxiety Get your child to push. will work together to find a way forward. Praise them for making the effort to go to school. Be a role. your child to school. In time and with the right support it will get easier for them. Try to encourage., breakfast, getting their uniform, school bag and equipment ready. Talk to your child's school and make

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The COVID-19 pandemic has meant many children have had to miss school as the country tried. of school.  Schools have now made it as safe as possible for pupils and staff to return, so it is expected that parents will make sure their children are back in school again. Schools will support families with this.  Being in school gives children the best chance to learn, make friends and get the most from their education. It can be difficult to know when to send your child into school

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Universal free school meals are provided to all children at school in reception, Year 1. make an application because it can help raise extra funds called Pupil Premium for your child’s school. Pupil Premium funding can help your child’s school pay for extra tuition, teaching and after school activities. How do I know if my child can get free school meals after year 2? Free school meals. You can apply online for free school meals using your Norfolk Education Online (NEO) account. Read

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When your child starts school they will be seen by the school screening team to check their vision. child’s learning and development can be supported. The screening happens during the school day and only takes a few minutes. You will receive a letter or email from your child’s school before. for vision and/or hearing they will not need to be seen by the screening team at school. Talk to your. their school. The video shows what happens during the screening.What Happens During the Hearing

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Children’s physical skills continue to improve as they develop through the toddler years and get ready to start school. They are probably getting braver and more active. Children this age are not yet able to slow down, judge risks and avoid them. They still need parents and carers to keep their surroundings as safe as possible for them. Check for Risks  Look around your home and garden and think what your child could hurt themselves on. Consider your child’s height and what might be tempting

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If your child has an additional need, it can help the local authority to know that your child may need further support when they are in school. A health professional who is supporting your. are in mainstream education with a high level of educational need. The short term bases can also offer school to school support. The specialist bases available in Norfolk are: Learning and cognition bases. child has additional needs, it is very important to communicate with your child’s school. You and your

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