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Taking Turns It takes children time to learn how to take turns. By the time they start school being

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an early years or school setting you can speak to their key worker or teacher about your concerns. the activities or advice everyday. If your child attends an early years or school setting, the same

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for pre-school children who stammer.   Advice For Younger Children Advice For Older Children

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benefit from some activities at home or in their early years setting or school. You can contact Just. the Universally Speaking checklist. Once you have completed this, have a look at the School Age. to do next having looked at this, please contact Just One Number for advice. School Age Screening. development. Take a look at the Talk & Play section for some ideas. If your child is pre-school age.) Library Services - School Readiness Activities List B Bounce & Rhyme Hungry Little Minds Tiny

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and Communication Needs at Secondary School This course looks at what Speech, Language and communication need

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they are especially common in school age children who play and work closely together.  There is not much you

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It is quite common for babies and children to get sticky and sore looking eyes at times. This can be caused by a few different things. Blocked tear ducts (very common in young babies) Viral or Bacterial Infection An allergic reaction (like in hay fever). Often sore or sticky eyes can be cared for at home until they clear and your child will not need to see a doctor. You do not need to keep your child off nursery or school because of this. Dive Deeper Blocked Tear Ducts It is common

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should get the flu vaccine every year. All 2 and 3 year-olds, and primary school children are routinely. of children who are not able to have the spray may have the injection. If a child misses a school session, either because they were off on the day of visit or they are not attending school for any reason. GP who can give you the catch-up doses you require.  4-in-1 Pre-school Booster This increases. injected vaccinations until high school! 3 Years and 4 Months HPV Vaccine This vaccine is available

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. Keep reminding everyone to wash their hands. Your child can go to school during treatment. if not you will need to see your GP. Your child can go to school during treatment for ringworm