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Using a Spacer Talk to School Nursery or School need to know if your child is given a diagnosis of asthma. This will allow them to act quickly if your child has symptoms at school Share your child's asthma care plan with their school. It is important for school to know what will help your child in an emergency. If your child does not have an asthma care plan - talk to the school about what they would need to do to help your child. Ensure school have all of your child's medications

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they are especially common in school age children who play and work closely together.  There is not much you

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every year. All 2 and 3 year-olds, and primary school children are routinely able to receive the vaccine. to have the spray may have the injection. If a child misses a school session, either because they were off on the day of visit or they are not attending school for any reason, parents/carers should.. 4-in-1 Pre-school Booster This increases children’s immunity to Diphtheria, Tetanus, Whooping Cough and Polio. There will be no more routine injected vaccinations until high school! 3 Years and 4 Months

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the move to secondary school that parents decide whether their child is ready to be left home alone. until your child is ready. Look into local after school, or community sporting / creative clubs Look

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Children love to explore and go on adventures, so if you are going to the beach, its important to keep them safe.  Before you and your family head to the beach or off on holiday, it's a good idea to do some research. Look into which beaches have good family facilities and safety features. During the school holidays, and in particular in hot weather, increasing numbers of children put themselves at risk of drowning. On average 40-50 children drown per year in the UK, so its important

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. They want to gain status, and feel powerful. They’ve been excluded from school and don’t feel they have.; A rise in skipping school. Multiple mobile phones. Your child's friends may change suddenly. but there are reports of seven year olds being 'groomed' into county lines.  Primary school children are seen. can be groomed into county lines. However, those from poor households, who often  skip school. in positive after school/weekend activities.  Get to know their friends.  Always know where your

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can call Just One Number to talk to a health professional, or talk to your child’s school or early. place. If your child attends an early years setting or school, or has support from other health. reached school age are usually made by education services. The referral is made. Psychologist, after their own assessment of your child. School will discuss this referral with you. questions in the days and weeks to come. The services your child uses, nursery or school or the health

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more Starting High School It is recognised that transition to high school is a big event. with starting high school. To support you we have a lot of information here on Just One Norfolk.  Find

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assessment and advice.School Readiness & Starting School Starting school is a big milestone. being at school will offer. Lots of children make the move to reception class smoothly and enjoy the beginning of their school days, for some the transition can be more difficult.  To support you we

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School Height & Weight Checks (NCMP) We visit all reception age and year 6 children in Norfolk as part of the National Childhood Measurement Programme (NCMP). For children and young people who are educated at home, please contact Just One Number on 0300 300 0123 to discuss with the team. Find out moreSchool Hearing & Vision Screening Our team visits every Norfolk school to test reception aged children's hearing and vision. This is an opportunity to pick up any problems that have not already