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– that way you can decide exactly what you need and spread the cost too. Ask family and friends. is approved you might get assessed as needing a; Daily Living Payment This is a cash payment by ‘PayPoint

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help. With the cost of living rising, keeping your home as warm as you usually would in winter may be a worry for you. Living in a cold home could lead to an increased risk of illness or make. a warm temperature is important. Your main living room should be around 18–21°C with the rest. and apply for free school meals Download the help with living costs in Norfolk leaflet Help With Living Costs in Norfolk The government will give every household £400 off their electricity bill

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and check out these 3 websites which are full of useful ideas for making low cost meals. BBC

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ideas for of nutritious low-cost meals that you could try. Meal Ideas It might be tempting to cut.. Here are some low-cost healthy breakfast ideas to try; Eggs - soft boiled, scrambled or poached. of hidden sugar. Visit the NHS Healthier Families  website which has plenty of low cost breakfast ideas. lunch box ideas Ideas for Lunch Here are just a few ideas for of nutritious low-cost meals that you

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. It is important that you choose activity you enjoy. It doesn’t have to be complicated or cost

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Cost Calculator and keep a reminder up on your wall or fridge. Keep your hands busy. Having a drink

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. Many families decide to use grandparents or relatives as a source of low-cost childcare.    Benefits of using grandparents Low cost flexible alternative to formal childminding. Being cared. Low cost flexible alternative to formal childminding.  Being cared for by someone you trust who has

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with the cost of having a baby, and does not need to be paid back. Speak to your health visitor to find out

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Feel Silly "I don't have money for toys." Fun doesn’t need to cost money! There are so many adverts