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ePAQ Pelvic Floor Self Assessment

Completing the self assessment ePAQ pelvic floor questionnaire during and after pregnancy is an important part of your midwifery care. It can be completed in the privacy of your own home.

We ask every birthing person to complete it, to identify issues you may not realise can be helped with the right information and support. We are aware that symptoms related to your bladder, bowel and sexual health can be private and sometimes difficult to discuss with health professionals. However we know they can impact your quality of life.

How to complete your ePAQ questionnaire

You will need a computer, tablet or mobile device with internet access and about 20 minutes of your time.

You will receive an email or letter with a link to the website https://start.epaq.co.uk, and a voucher code (just for you!) to enter on the website, along with your date of birth.

You will then be taken through a series of questions about bladder, bowel, vaginal and sexual health. The questionnaire will help screen for any problems and help get you any support you need.

If you need any help completing your ePAQ, or would like to make a request for a paper version or one in a different language, please contact nwccg.perinatalpelvichealthservice@nhs.net.

What happens with my results?

The ePAQ website is securely linked to the NHS computer system, to which your questionnaire will be safely stored as part of your medical record. You will also have instant access to your own pelvic floor questionnaire report.

Your completed questionnaire will be reviewed by the perinatal pelvic health team. If required, the team will advise on any extra support needed. This maybe directing you to available pelvic floor health advice, a referral to a pelvic floor workshop, or a referral to a Pelvic Health Specialist.

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