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3 - 4 Month Check

Children in Norfolk get a 3-4 month contact at this time we let you know about what the recommendations for weaning. It is sent this early to encourage parents to delay weaning to as close to 6 months as possible, this is because...

We can give you information about your baby's teeth and development at this age. 

If you want to call us...

  • Tips re weaning

    tips regarding having water, and phasing out bottles.

    follow on milks 


  • teething info

    Teeth brushing advice

    register with a dentist 

  • At 3-4 months most baby's are able to lay on their front and hold there head up for about 15 seconds. your baby might be able to hold a toy in their hand and wave it around and look at it or try and chew it, you might notice if you dangle something your baby will start to reach and grab it. 

    Things you can do with a baby:

    Read, sing, peak a boo, give them opportunities to reach out and grab things. Explore different textures (treasure baskets)


  • Now your baby is getting more active you may ant ot think about risk assessing.

    Stair gates
    being careful whats laying around - choking risks
    Too big for a moses basket
    Weighing and measuring



  • From around this age some activities you can do with your child is dangling a toys they can reach out and grab. Seal a plastic bottle with rice and glitter, for them shake and enjoy.

    Play with sounds, face your face towards you and talk in high and low pitch voices, whisper, pretend to sneeze, make clicking noises and imitate noises your baby makes.

    Give them a spoon they can chew, bang and explore.

    Whilst your baby is on their back and front place a toy in their line of sight but out of reach so they have to move to get the toy.

    Play peak a boo with your baby and try and get them to play too, you could use a blanket to hide your face.

    When your baby starts rolling and crawling, you can play games like you’re chasing your baby and then “catch” then and hug them.

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