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Online Training For Parents & Carers

Parents and carers have teamed up with professionals who work with children and young people with SEND across Norfolk and Waveney. They have pulled together a selection of online training sessions which you may find helpful for you and your family.

Norfolk Positive Behaviour Strategies (PBS)

An online programme for families of children with additional needs produced by our partners in Norfolk Community Health and Care and Family Action.

The course will help you think about the messages your child is trying to communicate to you and some practical skills and strategies to help you manage your child in a positive way

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Norfolk Steps

Norfolk County Council Steps team have developed a series of online sessions to support families, created using tested methods and approaches already used in schools.

They will help you understand the use of positive language, behaviour, consistency and positive relationships.

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Introduction to Sensory Processing

We all have our own unique response to sensory stimuli that can vary from time to time. This might affect our participation in daily activities. A sensory enriched and adapted environment and opportunities for engagement in a variety of sensory activities supports children and young people’s sensory regulation, self-esteem and well-being.

The video is part one of a three part video series introducing sensory processing and sensory circuits in the home.

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Speech & Language Therapy Sessions

A range of short, free introductory speech and language (SaLT) courses which will offer you some simple strategies to use within the home or your child's educational setting.

We have a range of resources online that link to these training sessions to offer further advice and ideas.

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Understanding Your Child With Additional Needs

This online course is for parents with a child with additional needs. It is for parents, relatives and friends of children who may have a physical or learning disability or who may have autistic traits. 

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Other Training You Might Find Helpful

Norfolk SEND Awareness E-Learning

Suitable for those working with children and young people with SEND and their families.

There are five chapters, with a quiz or reflection activity at the end of each chapter. It should take no longer than 30 minutes to complete the course.

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Successful Transition

This online resource explains some of the ways you can support transition for children or young people with a physical disability. It is applicable to all points of transition for a learner with a physical disability, including starting or changing setting or school.

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ASD Helping Hands

ASD Helping Hands offer a selection of training events and sessions for those working or caring for someone with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

All of these courses are run by people who have a lived experience of Autism and are delivered in a friendly and relaxed manner.

All courses come with a certificate of completion.

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Open University Understanding Autism

This free course introduces the autism spectrum, how it is experienced by different individuals and families, and why it is a global concern. The course explains how ideas about autism have evolved and explores diagnosis, causes, intervention and life-span development. Widely varying perspectives on autism are illustrated and key societal and cross-cultural issues are highlighted.

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21 Together

21 Together is a registered charity in Kent set up in 2016 by four parents each with a child with Down’s syndrome. The training videos available cover a range of topics such as nutrition, dental care and speech and language development.

Please note that the information in them is based on the knowledge and opinions of the presenter at the time of recording only.

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National Deaf Children's Society

Free online events to get support for you and your deaf child, no matter their type or level of deafness. You’ll get advice from friendly experts and meet other parents, carers and families of deaf children. 

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Additional Reading / Downloadable Resources


Norfolk SENDIASS offer information, advice and support to children, young people and parents/carers about special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). This includes health and social care where it is linked to education.

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Help You Choose - Post 16 Transition

Practical and accessible information about the choices for transition post 16, for young people with SEND.

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Mencap - Let's Talk About It

Mencap work to support people with a learning disability, and their families and carers. 

People with Down's syndrome will live with the condition for their whole life, but there are ways to help children develop into healthy adults who are able to live the lives they choose.

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