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Transferring Your Child's Information

How will my child’s information transfer? 

When there is a change in service provider, family information will be shared between the incoming and outgoing providers so the service can continue to run.   

This will be done under the supervision of Norfolk County Council and Norfolk and Waveney CCG using a standard NHS data sharing agreement. No data is shared without direction from both commissioners.  

Will my child’s information be safe? 

Cambridgeshire Community Services, NHS Trust (the new provider) is compliant with all NHS data regulations. It is registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO Ref Z2187662) and is compliant with the NHS Digital’s Data Security and Protection toolkit. All information is stored on approved NHS servers to keep information safe.  

What information about my child will be held by the Norfolk and Waveney Speech and Language Therapy Service? 

  • Name (child’s and parents/carers)  
  • Date of birth 
  • Contact details  
  • NHS number  
  • Details of your GP  
  • Preferred language  
  • Preferred contact method  
  • Any other specific requirements   

You can view full details of our privacy notice on the Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust dedicated webpage.  

What other information will the Norfolk and Waveney Speech and Language Therapy Service need? 

Further information will be required about your child’s medical history and previous appointments/assessments.  

If you do not wish this information to be passed to the new NHS provider you should contact your current service provider East Coast Community Healthcare.  

This will not prevent your child from getting help, but does mean the team will be less able to assess their case as carefully.  

Who will see information about my child? 

Call Handlers - Those involved in making, changing and booking your appointments.  

Clinical TeamThose who carry out assessments, give clinical advice and deliver appointments.  

Professional PartnersProfessionals that might be referred to or included in assessments/appointments.  

Software Supplier - Occasionally problems may occur in the software used by the service. Normally the software supplier will not need to see information that is identifiable. However, it may become necessary to supply basic information to ensure that the correct information is maintained by the programme securely. All NHS software providers are bound by requirements of confidentiality.  

Clinical AuditorsTo make sure the service operates effectively, it is assessed by those involved in national quality assurance. They may require access to your data.  

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