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an early years or school setting you can speak to their key worker or teacher about your concerns. the activities or advice everyday. If your child attends an early years or school setting, the same

Working Together As Parents Home > Emotional Health > Parental Emotional Health > Working Together As Parents

possible children value both parents being able to come to school events and share in their good and bad. routines such as going to school and specific meal times. Let them know they can talk about

E-Safety - Older Children Home > Staying Safe > Staying Safe Online > E-Safety - Older Children

they are. Keep your personal information private. You don’t need to tell people your full name, age, school. to people, the same as you would in school or out and about. Staying Safe Online It is important

Sore and Sticky Eyes Home > Childhood Illnesses > Sore and Sticky Eyes

It is quite common for babies and children to get sticky and sore looking eyes at times. This can be caused by a few different things. Blocked tear ducts (very common in young babies) Viral or Bacterial Infection An allergic reaction (like in hay fever). Often sore or sticky eyes can be cared for at home until they clear and your child will not need to see a doctor. You do not need to keep your child off nursery or school because of this. Dive Deeper Blocked Tear Ducts It is common

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. Keep reminding everyone to wash their hands. Your child can go to school during treatment. if not you will need to see your GP. Your child can go to school during treatment for ringworm

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school, complete homework and enjoy time socialising with their friends or family. NHS England

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 change and they cannot help it. Unfortunately it does not always fit in with school and family life

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and signpost peers to text ChatHealth for support. If you are student, school, college. like your school to become a ChatHealth haven, get in touch! We will provide you with promotional materials and your school will be added to the map. Below are some materials to download. Services

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and Communication Needs at Secondary School This course looks at what Speech, Language and communication need