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Antenatal Check

Add in - personalised Video/meme of key topics of ANV
Usually we make contact with you towards the end of your pregnancy. This is a time to get to know your health visitor and ask any questions you may have. You can discuss what health services might be involved with your pregnancy and baby – and any who you’re happy to information share with. We can talk about your hopes for the birth and baby, and how your family will adapt. We can tell you about what support you can access from the 0-19 HCP and other local services.  

Before the visit you’ll get a letter, this will tell you how to make an account on our website; Just One Norfolk and complete your family’s personalised questionnaire (a Patient Activation Measure). Our website has information for you and your child that will take you from pregnancy (pregnancy page/p2p) to your child becoming an adult (transition page?) and has information about children’s health and development. You can also find other parents on the online community forum (link).

There’s lots of things that are spoken about at visits and it can be difficult to remember it all. We think about your how the pregnancy is going, hopes for the birth, things to expect when its born. This may include safe sleep information*, immunisations* and if your child would be offered a BCG vaccination (this is niche…  could we add BCG info to the imm’s page and then it’ll be covered) you can tell us about how you plan to feed your baby or discuss your options if you’re not sure.  This can be a discussion about breastfeeding, combination feeding, bottle feeding and sterilising equipment. We can talk about car seat safety*. Antenatal classes*
*all link to other parts of the website.

NEED TO THINK HOW WE ADDRESS DADS. You can discuss your health and wellbeing, talk about time off work once the baby is born, if you have any worries about your mental health and how pregnancy hormones can impact it/how a baby can impact it (inclusive-r?). We can talk about exercise and diet if you have any questions about this. If you have any worries about how you will afford things, we can help with information about benefits you’re entitled to and services who can help. Low income families are entitled to extra benefits like Healthy Start vouchers and Sure Start maternity grants (Need), we can help you access these.


If you have any worries about how the baby will affect others in your family we can talk about that, such as an older sibling or pet safety/a nervous dog??

We work with the childrens centre, now called the Early childhood and Family Service* and can tell you how to find local groups, libraries that do self weigh* and healthy baby drop-in’s*.

When your baby is born the hospital lets us know and we will contact you to arrange the New Birth Visit* whilst you are waiting for this, you should be under the care of midwifery* (links to midwifery page). Usually at your baby’s hearing screening you’ll be given your child’s Red Book (called the Personal Child Health Record).

If you or your partner is a smoker and want to be referred to smoking cessation, let us know.

Feedback At anytime you can give us feedback, health visitors can give you a patient complaints and compliments form, or you can contact us online*. (Demographic data)
After the visit, you can call us with questions.

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