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3.5 Year School Readiness

In Norfolk some children will be offered a digital 3.5 year contact. This is a set of questions to ask if you have any worries or would like any additional information about your child's health, development and areas we know families tend to like extra information. 

At the end of the questions it will give you advice tailored to your responses and your child. If you want any further information after the questions you can look on the website or contact Just One Norfolk. 

  • Play games with your child around who has more or less, bigger and smaller. Get your child to tell a familiar story from a book, encourage them to count items, start with 1, 2,3 you could go to the library and get books like the three little pigs, three bears etc. Once they know up to three you can count higher.

    Encourage your child to follow directions, by setting them a few challenges to remember, such as touch your elbow, touch the door and then kiss teddy. You can start with two and then build it up.

    You could also try games like Simon Says, to encourage them to dance and know their body parts, or do Musical Statues and when you say freeze they have to stop. Let them be in charge of the games too.

    Help your child to do their own buttons and zips when getting dressed.

    Draw pictures with your child and get them to colour in your pictures and get them to draw then ask what they drew. You could try and get them to trace shapes you’ve drawn.

    Play a matching game like pairs, this can be done with pictures from magazines/catalogue or colours.


  • Childrens centre

    Norwich consolidated charities - uniform costs



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