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2 Year Review

Your child’s 2 year check may be at your home or in a community setting, like the local children’s centre. For this contact we will send out an Ages and Stages Questionnaire for you to complete with your child and  in this you can write any concerns you might have.

During this appointment you can get advice on toileting,  your child’s diet and sleep.  Your child might be entitled to two year funding and so we can advise you about this. You can discuss if you’re thinking about a nursery for you child and discuss ways to help you child to transition. If you’re child is in a nursery they will get your consent to share their information with us and this will be added to your child’s records.

You can get your child weighed and measured. Now you child is over 2 the way we measure changes and you child will get measured standing from now on. We will ask about your child’s hearing and vision and if you have any worries.

If your child’s immunisations are up to date, they wont be due  any further immunisations  until they are 3 years 4 months.

If your child is not yet registered with a dentist we recommend you get them in with a free NHS dentist.


Demographic data, PAM F&F, smoking pets

  • Try unthreading your shoe lace and getting your child to thread it through the holes or thread some cheerio’s or buttons/beads. You could also do this with string with a piece of tape wrapped to make it sturdier.

    Show your child old pictures of themselves and tell them stories to do with the photos.
    Get your child to find different pictures in books or ask them to find certain toys.

    Get to know body parts, you could do this by singing – Head shoulders knees and toes.

    Role play with your child, get them to be the postman and “post letters” into a shoebox with a thin hole cut into the top. Encourage turn taking by you both posting letters/parcels.
    Let them try on your clothes and accessories to dress up and ask them who they are, encourage them to try and put them on/off independently and try and do buttons and zips.

    Pair up socks with your child and ask if they think the match and encourage them to find similar socks.

    Make salt dough, your child will like making it into different shapes and making “footprints” with different toys, use cooking cutters to cut out shapes.

    Try and get your child to throw things into a bowl or bin, like bean bags or screwed up pieces of paper.

    Get your child to name different items by going through a catalogue and getting them to name things you point out.

    Get your child to jump more by getting them to jump over lines/cracks in the pavement, you may need to help them by holding their hand to begin with.

  • Nursery can offer children experiences they would not get at home, such as socialising and sitting eating with other children. They can experience other ways of playing* (link to play bits)

    Some families will be eligible for two year funding for your child to start nursery, the term after their second birthday. To check your child's eligibility:

    Children who are 3 and 4 are entitled to childcare

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