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2 Year Review

Around your child’s second birthday  we will send you an Ages and Stages Questionnaire to complete. This helps us gather information so we can review your child’s development. It is a chance to reassure you that your child is on track and highlight any areas that might be slower. It asks you if you have any concerns about your child's health and / or behaviour so we can get in touch.

  • This may be the first time you've received an Ages and Stages Questionnaire. This is a tool used by our staff to see how your child is doing in 5 areas of development. These are:

    Communication - How they talk to you and let you know what they want.

    Gross motor skills - How they crawl or walk.

    Fine motor skills - How they use their fingers and hands to hold or move things.

    Problem Solving - How they work things out.

    Personal Social - How they play and understand you.

    You just tick the box beside the question to say if they can do this

    • All the time
    • Some of the time
    • Not yet  doing this.

    All children are different so don't worry if they have not started doing everything on the form - that's normal.

    If you need any help filling in the form please call 0300 300 0123 and one of our Just One Number staff will be happy to help you. You then send the form back to us and our Healthy Child Programme team will look at it. If there are;

    • Things you are worried about.
    • Your child is not doing lots of things yet.

    One of our specially trained team will call  you so you can talk about this. We can make an appointment to see you and your child if we need to.

    If you are happy and everything is going well for you and your child we will be back in touch before they start school.

  • All children are different and your child will be developing at their own pace. You can really help your child’s progress. Spending time with you talking and playing is the most important way to encourage them to try new things and learn new skills.

    You can find out about pre-schoolers development on the developmental milestones page *here*.

    *Click here* to read about communication development.

  • Looking after yourself is important for you and for your family. Modern life brings a lot of pressures on relationships, mental health and finances. We want to be able to help you with any problems you might have and will ask how things are going.

    You might be keen to make healthy lifestyle changes for you and your family. Maybe you want to eat better, stop smoking or be more active  – we can support you to take the first steps to make a change.

  • You can find out lots about how to care for your toddlers teeth *here*


  • If your child still has a dummy now is a good time to work on getting rid of it. This is because it can;

    • Slow down speech and language development.
    • Affect how the teeth grow.

    Some tips for stopping dummy use are:

    • Choose a good time when your child is well and not facing other changes like starting nursery.
    • When your child is upset spend time comforting them and working out why.
    • Keep the dummy just for bedtimes.
    • If your child does have their dummy in and tries to talk to you, ask them to take it out to speak.

    Your child will understand more now that it is time to get rid of the dummy. When you are both relaxed talk to them about this.

    • There are good story books about this - ask at your local library.
    • You could offer them a swap to a teddy or blanket instead.
    • Sometimes leaving dummies out for ‘fairies / birds’ in exchange for a little present works.

    Once you have decided to stop using the dummy keep it up, comfort your child when they are missing it and give lots of praise. It can take a bit of time to adjust.

    Check you have removed of all the dummies in the house so you are not tempted to give it back.

  • It is recommended that all children aged 6 months (unless having more than 500mls of formula milk) to 5 years are given vitamin supplements containing vitamins A, C and D every day.

    Check *here* if you can apply for free healthy start vitamins, or ask your local pharmacist what is suitable.

  • *Click here* for information about when your child might be ready to start using a potty or toilet.

  • Getting your baby weighed and measured and recording it in the red book around now is a good idea. Look at our information on how to self-weigh and record it *here*.

  • Eating a varied diet with plenty of vegetables and fruit is important for our health in childhood and beyond. Developing good habits in early life makes it more likely that they will carry on.

    Look at our Eat Better pages *here* for ideas to keep your family on track. It is common for children to go through phases of being ‘picky eaters’ it can be tricky to deal with we have more information on this *here*.

  • *Click here* for information and advice about children's sleep. 

  • As your child is starting to get bigger and more active it is important your home is safe for them. There is lots of information on how to look for dangers in the home and make it safer *here*.

  • We want to make sure our services for Norfolk families are the best they can be – we are always pleased to hear your thoughts on what we are doing well and what we could do better.

    Video appointments are new, so we would love to hear from you about how your appointment went. *Click Here* to let us know.

  • It is a personal choice if your child goes to nursery. You child may have been using one for some time or you may be thinking about it now they are two.

    Nursery and other childcare providers can give children really important learning experiences. They learn so much through play, socialising with other children and learning to follow simple rules and routines.

    *Click here* for more information about childcare.

    Your 2 year old might be entitled to some funded hours in registered childcare from the term after their second birthday. You can check your child's eligibility *here*.

    Children who are from the term after they are 3 all children can have some funded nursery hours. Find out more *here*.

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