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MiQuit is an NHS funded text message service for pregnant women who are thinking about or planning to quit smoking. MiQuit provides encouragement, support, motivation and information on quitting smoking in pregnancy direct to your phone.

Text the word Quit to 83310 (texts cost the same as a standard message or will come out of your contact allowance).

You don’t have to be planning to quit; MiQuit can help even if you are not sure about stopping smoking.

Text the word Quit to 83310


  • Will MiQuit cost me?
  • What support is provided?
  • What if I don't like it?
  • Who created MiQuit?
  • Privacy Policy
Will MiQuit cost me?  supporting image

Will MiQuit cost me?

All texts sent from MiQuit are free. However, you need to send a text to start the programme which some networks may charge you for (at your standard rate). Any later texts or replies you send to MiQuit will be treated in the same way as texts sent to UK mobile numbers; these will be charged at your standard rate or included as part of your text allowance from your network provider.

What support is provided?

MiQuit sends you support texts for up to 3 months, including: Advice on: preparing to quit, managing cravings and withdrawal, coping in situations where you’re most tempted to smoke Encouragement, support and motivation to help you in your quit attempt Information about how smoking affects your baby The support can be personalised to you and your lifestyle by answering a few simple questions either by text or online. This will be explained once you have signed up. If you do not complete MiQuit questions, you can still receive the text support, but it will not be personalised to you or your lifestyle. You can ask MiQuit for help at any time of day or night by texting HELP or SLIP to the MiQuit reply number. You can also text QUIZ to receive quiz-style questions to help distract you from smoking.

What if I don't like it?

You can stop MiQuit texts at any time, by texting STOP to 07950 081649. You can also request MORE or LESS texts at any time without stopping MiQuit altogether.

Who created MiQuit?

MiQuit was developed by the University of Cambridge in partnership with the University of Nottingham. Its development has been funded by Cancer Research UK and the NHS (National Institute for Health Research). The support messages were created by researchers and health professionals including experts in quitting smoking, health psychology and midwifery. The MiQuit programme (including this website) is hosted by the University of Cambridge. Please see the MiQuit privacy policy for further details.

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