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Baby Health

All children and babies can experience illness. Baby born early (premature) and low birth weight babies could be more prone to obtaining illness, due to their immaturity, as they may have a limited ability to fight infection. If you had a baby that was born early, this could be something that may worry you.

Term babies and babies born early can’t always tell you what is wrong, but they may display several signs which could indicate a developing illness is brewing. They may cry more than usual, or they may be unusually quiet. Their sleep pattern and appetite might be different to what is usual for them.

In this section of the website we hope you find valuable information, which will discuss topics surrounding baby health such as: common illnesses, medical conditions, hearing and vision, medications your baby may come home from NICU with and oxygen therapy support, including the potential for ongoing support from the Community Nursing Team .

To access the information you can click on to the buttons, animations  or videos below for further information.

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    • Hearing & vision
    • Individual to need
    • Hip scan if breech
    • Link to existing page
    • Talcum powder
    • Don’t include products to use
    • Importance of
    • Schedule
    • Vitamins and iron recommendations
    • Link to vitamin info on introducing solids page or understanding bottle feeding pages
    • Risk of common illnesses higher – link to ‘Choose Well’ pages
    • What if my baby is having oxygen?

Helpful resources and activities 

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*These will appear below when resources are agreed and uploaded (see PBS or P2P session pages for format example)*

Who Can Help?

You can contact the Healthy Child Programme by calling Just One Number on 0300 300 0123 or texting Parentline on 07520 631590. Our opening hours are 8am-6pm Monday-Friday (excluding bank holidays) and 9am-1pm on Saturdays.

The Hamlet Centre provides nurture groups for babies and families who have spent time on the Neonatal Unit. They cover a range of topics that will be useful to you like weaning and baby massage as well as giving you the chance to talk with other families who have had a similar experience to you. Find out more *here*.

Early Childhood and Family Service is there for all Norfolk families with children under 5. Click the link below to find out more.

'All Things NICU Norfolk' Facebook group - A support group for anyone connected to NICU, including parents and professionals. The group shares information about development and promotes local groups and fundraising. *Click here* to join the group.

The Patient Activation Measure (PAM) Health Questionnaire will help you to think about your knowledge, skills and confidence in understanding and supporting your baby or child’s health. The results of this can help us, to support you, in setting goals and priorities in a way that is right for you and your family. On completion of the questions you will be signposted to some self care resources which are tailored to your responses. This will help you to take steps to improve your family's health and wellbeing. *Click Here* to find out more. 


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